Having been born and raised in small town America, otherwise known as Ashland, Ohio, I understand the value of hard work and a dollar earned through intellectual or sweat equity. From that small town beginning and my first job working the farm fields of upstate New York at the age of 11, to the smoke stacks of one of the great industrial giants of the 20th century, to eventual entrepreneurship and my career as an independent financial advisor, my collective experiences have prepared me for working with people from all walks of life.

Over the past twenty-five years I have applied these work and life experiences, as well as my passion for the lessons learned as a student of economics and history, to provide guidance to both employers and their employees by developing socially responsible, cost effective programs to help individuals meet their financial needs during their working years, and better prepare for their retirement years.

I fundamentally believe that every American, whether they be business owner who has dedicated their lives to building a company, or the worker who has applied similar dedication to making that company a success, deserves the chance to retire with dignity as a reward for a lifetime of service to others. It is this principle belief that makes me well suited to work with corporate clients and their most important asset, their people.

In my chosen profession as a financial advisor specialized in retirement planning, every day brings not only new challenges, but most importantly the opportunity to better the lives of one of the greatest workforces the world has ever known, the American people.

Working with employers and educating their workforce in preparation for their ultimate retirement is a challenge I enjoy and an opportunity I welcome.